facial asymmetry correction treatment in India

While most people know of Botulinum Toxoid as a drug used for anti-aging purposes, it is also very beneficial for patients suffering from facial nerve paralysis causing facial asymmetry.

Due to various reasons a person might get affected by facial nerve palsy in which muscles of one side of the face stopped working. This causes a facial imbalance as one side of the face becomes expressionless and the other side develops exaggerated movements due to lack of resistance by the affected side.

Treatment for facial asymmetry correction in India
Treatment for facial asymmetry correction

This makes their face skewed to one side, at rest and more so during the animation. The philosophy of botulinum toxoid cover injection is to partially paralyze muscles of the normal side so that the difference is reduced between the two sides. It avoids major surgical procedures, is safe and is not associated with any major side effects. It can be easily performed on an outpatient basis without the patient having to restrict his eating, working routine.

Since the effect lasts only 3-6 months it has to be repeatedly given till the patient wants to maintain that look.

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