Cleft Lip Surgery for Baby in India

Baby Cleft Lip Surgery Procedure In India

A cleft lip is a congenital facial deformity caused during the fetal’s gestation period. The incomplete development of facial tissues during the early pregnancy leads to cleft lip and palate. A cleft lip is the most common facial deformity that is found in every 1 child in 1000 births in India. Cleft lip in babies can be treated through cleft lip surgery in India. In some cases, a series of surgeries are required to achieve a normal appearance for babies with cleft lip. In India, we have full-fledged facilities to carry through cleft lip surgeries in babies in India.

Causes and risks

Although the causes of cleft lip in most babies are unknown, changes in the genes, the intake of certain medicines during pregnancy, and exposure to some environmental factors lead to cleft lip and palate. Smoking and diabetes during the pregnancy may also cause to give birth to babies with cleft lip. Babies born with cleft lip may confront many issues related to feeding, speaking, dental, and hearing. Therefore, it is essential to carry out cleft lip and palate surgery in babies at the very early stages of their birth.

The treatment for babies with cleft lip in India varies depending on the Usually, doctors suggest that cleft lip repair surgery in babies needs to occur within few months after birth. In most cases, doctors recommend cleft lip surgery in babies within 3 to 18 months. It may help them to achieve a normal appearance easily without or with minimal scarring. Babies with cleft lip may require more than one surgery as they have grown.

Cleft lip repair surgery in India
Before and After Cleft lip repair surgery of a baby

The procedure of baby cleft lip surgery in India

Most of the babies require surgery to treat cleft lip and palate as it may affect the most important functions. A team of a plastic surgeons, dentists, physicians, and speech therapists require to plan and carry out babies’ cleft lip surgery in India. Cleft lip and palate surgery in India enhance the facial appearance of a baby and the proper growth of facial tissues. Depending upon the severity of the cleft, some kids may require a series of surgeries to restore the normal facial appearance. Cleft palate is a split in the upper mouth and it will not affect the facial appearance of a child but it causes serious feeding issues.

The duration of surgery may vary based on the health conditions and the gap of the cleft. An extended gap may require a series of surgeries to restore the lip’s normal structure. Babies’ cleft lip repair surgery may require babies to continue 3 to 4 days in the hospital. The recovery period may vary based on babies’ health conditions and the severity of the defect.

The cost of cleft lip surgery in India is affordable and it ranges between INR 25,000 to 3,00,000. In India, most of the states offer state of art cleft lip repair surgery for the affected babies. In the countries like the USA, the expense for cleft lip surgery is 3 to 5 times more than in India. It may also facilitate India to provide better treatment for babies from other countries.


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