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Hair Transplantation at Richardsons Hospital Nagercoil

What was the patients’ complaint?

This patient came to Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, South India with a complaint of severe hair loss. He had already had many hair fall-related treatments elsewhere but was not satisfied with the results. After an initial examination and consultation, Dr. Sunil Richardson and his dermatologist suggest a hair transplantation procedure session with 2500 follicles.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Nagercoil
Before and After Hair Transplant Treatment

How is hair transplantation procedure done at Richardsons Hospital?

Richardsons Craniofacial hospital has a hair clinic which has an experienced team of hair restorative surgeons, dermatologists, trained nurses, anesthesiologist and operation theatre technicians. All hair restorative surgeries even though are local anesthesia procedures and our daycare for the patient, utmost care is taken here at the hospital. Every surgery however minor is a surgery and all potential risks should be avoided or taken care of. That’s precisely the reason why all such hair transplantation is being done in the operation theatre with all monitoring and safety precautions.

How long does it typically take?

It usually takes about 7 hours for performing around 2500 follicles transplants by FUE or follicular unit extraction technique. this is done in a team and the surgeons and the nurses take turns after every couple of hours. Also the patient is given a rest every couple of hours. The patient usually lies down in prone and supine positions alternatively and various pillows and blankets are used for the patient’s comfort.

Are there any side effects after hair transplantation procedure?

There are virtually no side effects to this treatment. The patient, however, has to take good care of the newly transplanted follicles, especially for the first few days. therefore we advice strict rest for the first three days and then moderate rest for the next one week. Also since the hair is harvested from the permanent hair-bearing zones, the results are lifelong.

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