Eyebrow Hair Transplant Treatment

Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant in India | Cost & Recovery

Despite what one might think, eyebrows play a huge part in shaping our faces and how we appear to others. Thin or sparse eyebrows can often result in low confidence and self-esteem. Eyebrow hair transplant in India is carried out for that very reason and also for people who had lost their eyebrows in a burnt case or a tattoo accident gone wrong.

Are Eyebrow Transplants Possible?

It might sound surprising, but yes, eyebrow transplants are possible. Just like hair transplants, hair follicles are removed from a different part of the body for the procedure.

In the case of eyebrow transplant, individual hair is removed from the donor area that matches as close as possible to the original eyebrow and is extracted after the application of a local anaesthetic on the donor area.

Anaesthetic is also applied on the recipient area to numb the pain while transplanting hair follicles using the implant pen. It might sound easy but it’s not because an eyebrow transplant surgeon needs to ensure that while transplanting proper angle and the direction of hair growth is taken into consideration. It is an essential step of the procedure that makes all the difference to the patient’s aesthetic appearance.

A day after the procedure, the transplant area is covered by a bandage to prevent it from getting infected and to avoid any other medical complications. The patient is required to follow their surgeon’s instructions on how to care post-treatment for efficient results.

Eyebrow restoration in India

Is Eyebrow Hair Transplant in India Safe?

Yes, eyebrow hair transplant in India is extremely safe and with no known side effects apart from the obvious and general swelling, redness, and some tenderness. Patients might also need some time to get used to their new appearance but that’s the mental acceptance and not the physical.

How Much Does Eyebrow Hair Transplant in India Costs?

The eyebrow transplant cost in India depends on the number of grafts the patient will require or rather need for transplant. India is a hub for medical tourism, the cost likely won’t be much with per graft costing the patient anywhere from INR 10 to INR 30 or more depending on the clinic.

How Long Does It Take for Eyebrows to Grow Back?

Growth of eyebrows doesn’t happen overnight and will require you to have a lot of patience. Eyebrows, in general, take some time to grow so it can take anywhere between two to three or sometimes even four to five months to see actual growth in your eyebrows.

But, constant trimming and care of eyebrows are needed in order to maintain quality and growth. Though how often and when to begin should be as per your surgeon’s orders.

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