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The Case of a Bilateral Cleft Lip Surgery

A bilateral cleft lip surgery is performed to repair a bilateral cleft lip, which affects one among 10 children with a cleft lip and palate. In a bilateral cleft lip, the two sides of the cleft can have either the same or different levels of severity. The biggest difference between a bilateral and unilateral cleft lip and palate is the effect of the forward displacement of the middle portion of the gums and lip. The middle portion of the lip and gums in a bilateral cleft lip is completely or partially separated from the adjacent lip and gums. This causes a significant shortening of the middle part of the lip. A severe shortening of the columella is also caused by the forward displacement of the central lip and gums, which majorly changes the appearance of the patient’s nose.

A bilateral cleft lip could appear as small notches in the edges of the lip only or even extend into the gums or nose. At times, a bilateral cleft lip can occur as a part of a syndrome, which entails that there could be other birth defects involved as well. In other cases, it could be genetic and something an individual inherits since it possibly runs in the family. A bilateral cleft lip could also be due to environmental factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke, the mother taking certain medications when pregnant, or the lack of crucial vitamins during the period of pregnancy. There are also times when the cause of a bilateral cleft lip is unknown.

Bilateral cleft lip surgery at RIchardsons Hospital

How Richardsons Handled a Bilateral Cleft Lip Surgery

Dr. Sunil Richardson, the founder, and manager of Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital has performed more than 18,000 facial surgeries, including 10,000 cleft lip and palate surgeries. In addition to being a consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Muscat’s Starcare Hospital and a consultant craniofacial surgeon at Madurai, Margao, and Goa’s Apollo Hospitals, he is also the best baby cleft lip surgeon in India.

Dr. Richardson is an expert at performing bilateral cleft lip repair surgeries. If you want to get a bilateral cleft lip repair surgery in India, he is one of the best medical masterminds to choose. One of the instances was when he attended a baby with bilateral incomplete cleft lip and who was born ex-pat parents. The child’s parents were originally from India but were working abroad in the Middle East.

When they had their first consultation with Dr. Sunil Richardson, they were indeed worried about the whole situation, wondering if the surgery would be done well and if their child’s bilateral cleft lip would be repaired deftly. However, after their very first meeting with Dr. Richardson, all their concerns were dealt with and their queries answered, and the surgery was scheduled for when the child would reach 5 kgs in terms of weight. The bilateral cleft lip repair before and after pictures are absolutely unbelievable and remarkable to look at, owing to the stellar work done by Dr. Richardson on the little child. The parents were extremely happy with the outcome as well.


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