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When to start Cheiloplasty or cleft lip repair?

Cheiloplasty or cleft lip repair is done at our Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital when the baby attains 5kgs weight which is usually around 3 months of age. Our surgeon Dr.Sunil Richardson suggests it is at this time that the baby is amenable to operation under general anesthesia with better pre-operative control.

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Pre-operatively the baby is assessed by the consultant pediatric anaesthesiologist focussing on the airway, anemia, allergies, cardiovascular and for other abnormalities. Blood investigations for hemoglobin, complete blood count, etc is done.

Baby is kept fasting as below:

clear fluids: 2 hours

breastfeed: 4 hours

formula feed: 6 hours

After keeping everything ready in the OT, the baby is shifted to the OT. Monitors like ECG, SPO2, EtCO2, percardial stethoscope are attached.

the baby is induced with sevoflurane which is a volatile anesthetic agent. It causes minimal discomfort to the patient. A special RAE tube is used to secure the airway and breathing is controlled by the anesthesia machine.

After the procedure, the nasal airway is inserted to support breathing if needed. The feeding for the baby is started after two hours.

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