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Chubby Cheeks

The nursery rhyme we learnt as kids have set the image of a perfect baby in our minds. The child should be chubby, cute, rosy red lips and have a perfect baby smile ever. So what happens when a baby doesn’t fit into the standards? What happens when those rosy lips are deformed? Do we as a society accept this baby? No, we don’t! That’s the bitter truth, we treat that child as an outcast. Differentiating her/him on the basis of looks and disabilities. Hence facio maxillary surgery is required to correct the facial deformities.

This is the modern society we live in and it is going to take many years to change the outlook of our society. That doesn’t mean that children born with deformities need to live lives of shame for a deformity which is no mistake of their own. We at Richardsons dental and Craniofacial hospital believe that every child has a right to live a normal life and an important step towards that is to correct their facial deformities.

facio maxillary surgeon india
facio maxillary surgery

The parents of one such baby visited our hospital recently. The child suffered from cleft lip and palate deformity. She was treated at a nearby hospital initially. She had a scar on his upper lip and required a lip revision surgery. The parents told us that although she is a very active child, her peers in school teasing her and hence it is affecting her performance overall. Dr Sunil Richardson examined her and after the pre-surgical workup, it was decided to do a lip revision procedure. The procedure took less than 30 minutes and the patient had complete recovery the very next day. As the lip revision was done for a child we performed it under General anaesthesia, in case of adults it is performed under Local anaesthesia as the adult is more compliant to the procedure.

Here at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital, we perform lip revision surgeries on a regular basis not only for children but also for adults. Patients affected with cleft lip and palate deformities need to undergo many correction surgeries if the primary surgery isn’t perform16ed correctly. We believe that if a simple correction gives a child a new lease to life, then why not?

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