Felton Operculectomy

Delayed Eruption of Permanent Incisors After Operculectomy

Felton History

  • A patient complains of unerupted teeth in the upper anterior region x 3 years.
  • History of trauma to anterior decidous teeth extraction of 51, 52, 61, and 62 done under LA in 2018 (2 years old).
  • Current Age: 7 years old (b.July 2016)
  • Estimated Age of Eruption of Maxillary Centrals: 7-9 years
  • School Going Child: Conscious of missing anteriors.

OPG (2022-2023)

delayed eruption

  • Tooth buds present: 12-22
  • Adequate chronological root formation noted.

delayed eruption examination

permanent incisors


delayed eruption review


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