ear keloid treatment at Richardson's Dental and craniofacial hospital

Ear Keloid cosmetic and sometimes functional nuisances that are basically overgrowths of tissue that form due to disproportionate healing of a wound.

Giniya is a young and jolly girl who had a 2cm radius growth at the back of her ear pinna. Her mother recalls noticing it a few days after Giniya got her ear piercing done. If ear piercing is done in an unhealthy and incorrect way, the body tries to repair the tissue aggressively resulting in the formation of such growths. Albeit, it is an unpredictable occurrence and doesn’t hold true for every patient.


ear keloid treatment in India
Before and After Ear-keloid Treatment of a patient at Richardson dental and craniofacial Hospital


Local corticosteroid injection had been tried to reduce the size of the keloid with no success. Hence when she came to Richardson’s dental and craniofacial center it was decided to do a combined surgical and medical therapy. Her keloid was excised under local anaesthesia and local corticosteroids were injected a few days later. This corticosteroid regime would be done once weekly for two months.

Giniya has been visiting us for a month now and there are no signs of recurrence. She certainly feels lighter now.

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