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Everything You Need to Know About Frontal Sinus Fracture Surgery

Getting treated for something as complex as a frontal sinus fracture can indeed be tricky. However, it isn’t impossible to have it treated efficiently. The main point to remember is to consult a competent doctor and medical facility that supervises the procedure carefully and gives you the assistance you need. Read on to learn more about the frontal sinus fracture surgery procedure, what it entails, and more.

What is a Frontal Sinus Fracture Surgery?

A frontal sinus fracture takes place when someone suffers from blunt trauma, and the region that is affected is the front area of their face. Assault can often be the common reason behind this category of injury, and accidents on motor vehicles can be the reason as well. The latter, however, is slightly less likely these days after the introduction of airbags. The anterior table of a human’s frontal sinus contains strong bones, which is why a frontal sinus fracture is also linked to more facial fractures and intracranial injuries, in some cases.facial trauma surgery in india

What Does the Frontal Sinus Fracture Surgery Treatment Procedure and Evaluation Involve?

Patients who have undergone a frontal sinus trauma surgery are initially required to get a CT scan done on the face, neck, and head. The scan evaluates the posterior and anterior tables of their frontal sinus along with their nasofrontal outflow tract. In the current times, frontal sinus fractures are mostly treated either radiographically or endoscopically. The overlying soft tissue trauma is evaluated carefully, while also checking the central region of the patient’s forehead to look for any injuries to the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves. Whether a frontal sinus fracture requires surgery or not can be evaluated through numerous indications, with one of them being the anterior table appearing severely displaced.

Frontal Sinus Fracture Treatment Recovery Time:

The recovery period for a frontal sinus fracture varies from person to person depending on the intricacies of the procedure. While some patients recover within a month, some take two months or slightly longer. Dr. Sunil Richardson, who is one of the best frontal sinus fracture surgeons in India, makes sure that the patients not only get high-quality treatment but that the recovery period, too, is as painless as possible.

How Much Does a Frontal Sinus Fracture Surgery Cost in India?

The cost of a frontal sinus fracture surgery in India depends on the expertise of the surgeon along with the experience they hold in the field. They begin from anywhere near INR 25,000 and can go towards the higher range depending on where the patient decides to get it done. The expenditure involved would be comparatively lower in a city like Nagercoil due to the low-cost medical facilities available in the city. However, budget facilities do not translate into subpar services. At Richardsons Hospital, for instance, we provide our patients with state-of-the-art facilities and the most technologically advanced medical machines and services to ensure they receive the top-quality treatment they deserve.


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