Ear Keloid Otoplasty Treatment in India

Everything You Need to Know About Infant Otoplasty in India

What Is Infant Otoplasty?

Many people are born in this world with deformed body parts. Some are born with deformed pinna or the externally visible part of the human ear. Through Otoplasty, experts correct the deformities of human ears. In some people, the external ears are missing. Infant otoplasty in India saves children’s childhood and gives them a beautiful face to flaunt.

Can Children Get Otoplasty?

Infant otoplasty in India is possible and several high-end hospitals and institutes are there to make successfully possible such surgeries. You can contact Richardson Hospital for a clearer view of the same.

At What Age Can a Child Get an Infant Otoplasty?

You can go for infant otoplasty at any age after 5. After 5 years of age, the cartilage in the ear can handle any type of operation. At this age, the cartilage is firm, but it is also pliable. The doctor can change the shape of the cartilage very easily with a minute infant otoplasty. Infant otoplasty procedure in India is a little bit complicated. So, contact Dr. Sunil Richardson, an expert, beforehand.Otoplasty

How Long Does a Child Take to Recover from Otoplasty?

Every child is different and reacts differently to every situation. Hence, it is not certain when your child can recover from infant otoplasty in India. But generally, a person takes around 6-8 weeks to fully recover from the post-surgery physical conditions. In the case of children, surgery trauma also occurs sometimes. Therefore, you should stay in close touch with the otoplasty surgeon. Follow the instructions of the surgeon and if anything, odd happens, contact the surgeon ASAP.

Why Should I Choose Richardson Hospital for Infant Otoplasty in India?

In India, you may find a lot of hospitals where the otoplasty procedure takes place, but Dr. Sunil Richardson is a renowned name in the field. If you are looking for the best hospital for infant otoplasty in India, your search ends here. The doctor treats his patients wonderfully. If you get in touch with any of his patients, they will suggest you Dr. Richardson hospital for your otoplasty case. So, try to reach the hospital and make an appointment at the earliest.


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