Extraction and Implant placement on the same day

Extraction and Implant placement on the same day

This is a case of a female patient aged 33, who had come for the treatment of missing teeth & dental implant treatment.  After an initial consultation with our dentists, her condition was diagnosed that there was the root stump still intact in her molar area in the lower jaw. In addition to that, she had a missing tooth in the pre-molar area of the upper jaw.

The causes for the loss of her teeth were dental caries and the patient had moderate oral hygiene.

The pre-molar upper jaw teeth were extracted elsewhere and with root stump intact in the lower jaw, the extraction of the stump had to be done for the implantation to be done.

The extraction of the stump was scheduled and performed. On the very same day, the dental implants were embedded. These implants were fabricated of titanium alloy which is usually bio-compatible to Indians. Both the extraction and the implantation procedures were done on the same day which makes it more comfortable for the patient.


Usually, dental implant treatment is considered only if the patient can maintain at least moderate oral hygiene. This particular patient met this criterion and so was considered. Patients who excessively use tobacco or betel leaves are often denied dental implants. This is mainly due to their very poor oral habits and if at all the implants were embedded, there was no guarantee of the implants staying longer. Dental implants are nearly as strong as the natural teeth. Because the implants are made from titanium, they do not get cavities. Once the implant has healed, you’ll brush and floss just like you would with any other tooth.

The patient after the implantation was able to chew like every other individual and the implants were natural looking that made the patient really comfortable.

“Very good experience, Dr. Sunil Richardson and his staff were friendly and helpful. My teeth and I are very happy we went to see Dr. Sunil Richardson !” were the exact words of the patient

Dental Xray
Before Implant
dental implants treatment in Nagercoil Xray
After Implant

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