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Facial Profile Transformative Journey of Our Patient

Facial surgery isn’t solely about conforming to external standards but it can also be a personal journey toward increased self-confidence.

Feeling good about one’s appearance can positively impact a person’s ability to present themselves authentically and connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

We recently had the privilege of performing a face-transforming surgery on a 28-year-young male from Karnataka who was eager to change his existing face look.

Driven by the desire to exude confidence and facial aesthetic appeal, he chose Dr. Sunil Richardson, who is renowned for his expertise in facial plastic and jaw surgeries and headed to Nagercoil Hospital for a face-changing surgery.

Consultation with Dr. Sunil Richardson

The initial consultation with Dr. Sunil Richardson involved a thorough examination of his facial features, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive surgical plan. His facial disproportions included jaw asymmetry, a leftward chin deviation, unproportional lip during smiling, and a backwardly positioned lower jaw and chin in comparison to his facial profile.

bijaw orthognathic surgery
His facial concerns: 1. Jaw asymmetry with deviation 2. Leftward chin deviation 3. Increased incisal exposure 4. Retruded mandible and chin 5. Deep nasolabial grooving 6. Periorbital and malar hollowness.

Also, he suggested a few CT scans which provided invaluable insights into his facial anatomy, uncovering jaw asymmetry. Dr. Sunil Richardson proposed a solution bijaw orthognathic surgery with an additional genioplasty to address these concerns and achieve both functional and aesthetic improvements. Bijaw orthognathic surgery is a special surgery to move the jaw bones around and make everything fit just right.

Immediate Surgical Execution Within 24 Hours

With a determination to undergo surgery immediately, as he had to return to his work, his case demanded swift action. In a remarkable 24-hour period, the surgical team utilized state-of-the-art technology, including specialized software and 3D printing, to fabricate precise splints for the orthognathic procedure.

The Surgery Day

The surgery involved maxillary as well as mandibular advancement, with additional genioplasty/chin surgery to augment the chin in both forwards horizontally, and vertically downwards. This surgery also gave him a sharp jawline. To stabilize the jaws in a new position the titanium screws sourced from the USA were fixed ensuring the realignment of his jaws and the achievement of his desired facial transformation was done.

Reclaimed Confidence

The surgery didn’t just change how he looked; it changed how he felt about himself. Now that he had a fresh face and newfound confidence, he was ready to shine and return to his work and face the world. This blog concludes that it’s a reminder that with the help of experienced surgeons and with blends of technology, we can transform not just our appearance but also how we feel inside.

maxillary mandibular advancement

facial transformation

  • After the surgery, the face is now proportional.
  • Vertical face height increased.
  • The hollowness of cheeks is restored now.
  • Chin is advanced and brought vertically more downwards.

bijaw orthognathic

  • After the surgery, the face is now proportional to smiling.
  • Chin deviation is corrected.
  • Deep nasolabial grooving is now not visible.
  • Now the lip and teeth exposure is proportional to the smile.

orthognathic procedure

facial plastic jaw surgeries

  • Chin is brought more downward as well as advanced horizontally.
  • Now he has a prominent chin with an esthetic jawline.

prominent chin jawline


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