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Facial Restoration Triumph | Correcting Post-Cancer Deformity

Sculpting Hope | Correcting Post-Surgical Facial Deformity

One of our patients came to our hospital from North India with a severely deformed face and faced the challenges and struggles of battling Oral cancer. Multiple surgeries and rigorous treatments done before for the cancer cure somewhere else in the country had left him with a severe facial deformity, making him unable to lead a normal life. However, hope came into his life in the form of Dr. Richardson, a renowned specialist in correcting such facial deformities.

This is the inspiring story of a patient’s journey from despair to facial restoration.

The Diagnosis | Oral Buccal Mucosa Cancer

Around 6 years ago, he was diagnosed with the Right sided oral buccal mucosa cancer for which he was operated on the right side of his face and jaw. The aggressive nature of the disease demanded the removal of his entire right jaw including his joint, leaving a void that would later become a source of significant challenges. Later after the cancer surgery he underwent multiple concurrent radiotherapy cycles his condition even more worse and challenging.

shrunken facial deformityFacial Deformity over Right side before surgery. Note the depression over the right side of the face, Reduced mouth opening, and multiple surgical scars from previous operations. Shrunken face over right side because of cancer surgery and radiotherapy.

Post-Surgical Challenges and Struggles

As time passed, the consequences of the cancer surgery manifested making his life difficult. A deviation of the jaw, a depression over the right side of the face, an inability to open the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, and trouble eating became constants in his life. The once familiar and harmonious face now had the marks of a hard-fought cancer battle with multiple facial scarrings.

Consultation | Dr. Richardson’s Expertise

His Fate led him to Dr. Sunil Richardson, whose expertise in correcting facial deformities became the beacon of hope for him. Dr. Sunil carefully examined the critical case, taking into account the complications arising from post-radiotherapy conditions. The meticulous planning began, involving digital scans and 3D technology to understand the intricacies of the deformity.

correcting facial deformitiesCT SCAN demonstrating the resected portion of the right jaw. The entire right mandible as well as the Temporomandibular joint is missing as it was surgically removed during cancer surgery.

Addressing Soft Tissue and Functional Issues

The first surgery focused on addressing the immediate concerns of reduced mouth opening from previous cancer surgery as well as radiotherapy combined. Restoration with a nasolabial flap was performed to improve mouth opening and address soft tissue and functional problems. This initial step laid the foundation for subsequent procedures, giving the patient restored functionality.

Revolutionary Approach | Patient-Specific Custom-Made Alloplastic Total Temporomandibular Joint Fabrication

With the successful completion of the first surgery, the team planned a more aggressive plan for the restoration and for giving him his facial balance back. Utilizing CT scans and cutting-edge 3D technology, Stereolithographic customized models were created to fabricate a new Temporomandibular joint.

These models, derived from CT scans, served as guides for the creation of a new alloplastic joint made exclusively for the patient as per the requirement of his deformity correction. For surgical precision, the team utilized 3D printing to craft and design a joint tailored according to the patient’s unique anatomical requirements.

fabricated temporomandibular jointCustom made exclusively designed and fabricated Temporomandibular joint as per patient’s anatomy with the use of Software for surgical precision.

surgical precision

Surgical Execution

The surgical procedure involved meticulous incisions. Preauricular and submandibular incisions were given on the right side to access points for the meticulous placement of the newly fabricated temporomandibular joint. The position of the joint was guided by positioning tools and secured with titanium screws. Passive Joint movement and functioning were checked during the surgery.

zygomatic archFossa Component of joint fixed to zygomatic arch with titanium screws.

ramus componentRamus Component of joint fixed/anchored to Mandible with titanium screws.

Post Surgery Recovery | Reclaimed Confidence

The initial days post-surgery were critical, with the hospital team closely monitoring the patient’s progress. The restoration of mouth opening and the gradual disappearance of facial asymmetry were the signs of the transformative power of our surgery.

Facial symmetry, once lost and got the form of deformity, now was restored with the success of the surgical interventions. The depression over the right side of the face got a restored contour, and the once-deviated jaw found its alignment. The patient, now looking into the mirror, witnessed not only a physical transformation but also a new rebirth giving him a better post-surgical quality of life.

Beyond the physical corrections, the restoration of confidence became the essence of the story.


This case study concludes that we at our hospital have the best team and are well-equipped to correct all such facial deformations for whatever reasons. We take care of your face like no other.

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