facial scar removing treatment in India

Facial scar revision Surgery : A young boy of about 18 yrs who was a college-going student came to us complaining that the facial scar revision on his left cheek made him very self-conscious amongst his peers and that he wanted it to be removed. We found that he had a 2cm long scar across his left cheek prominence that was darker than his surrounding skin and very evident to look at Dr.Sunil Richardson decided to do a surgical excision of the scar followed by the use of silicone taping and triamcinolone(corticosteroid) injections to prevent the hypertrophy of the scar. Under local anesthesia, the scar was excised and the wound closed primarily with fine sutures. Six days later the sutures were removed and the wound covered with silicone tape which the patient changed himself every day. After two weeks, the patient was recalled and triamcinolone injected into the wound. Within a month, the wound healed well without any obvious scar across the face.

Facial Scar Removal Surgery


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