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5 Things You Need to Know About Browplasty Procedure in India

Browplasty is a common surgical procedure to eliminate wrinkles and surgically lift drooping or sagging eyebrows by tightening the skin around the forehead. The procedure is performed for cosmetic and functional reasons, i.e., patients may opt for browplasty to look younger or correct a sagging eyebrow that obstructs vision. Read on to learn more about browplasty in India:

Who Needs A Browplasty Procedure in India?

Brow ptosis or drooping of the upper eyelid is common in aging patients. But young patients suffering from congenital conditions or paralysis can also be affected by weak forehead muscles. Patients undergoing browplasty usually have skin and tissue loosening, tired skin, or sagging brow issues.Eyebrow restoration in India

Browplasty Procedure in India:

A browplasty procedure in India involves different surgical techniques depending on an individual patient’s unique circumstances. Generally, the basic principle of the procedure remains the same. The surgeon first makes incisions to loosen up the patient’s skin and access the underlying tissues, muscles, or fat pads. The next step is to remove or tighten the excess skin and underlying tissue before smoothening the rest of the skin, thus eliminating wrinkles.

Types of Browplasty:

There are different browplasty procedures, depending on the patient’s requirement:

Coronal brow lift:

The incision is done behind the hairline on the head from one ear to the other to lift the forehead into a new position. The incision is then sutured behind the hairline.

Endoscopic brow lift:

Endoscopic browplasty in India is a popular technique because of its reduced invasive nature, less scar formation, and quicker recovery with increased control over changes. Multiple incisions are made behind the hairline to lift the forehead with the help of a catheter. The catheter inserted through the incisions provides access under muscles and tissues with a light and a tiny camera. The incisions are stitched, and later the hair grows at this part to hide the scar behind the new hairline.

Hairline brow lift:

A hairline brow lift is mainly for people with dense hair. An incision at the beginning of the hairline aids in removing small skin and tissue as the procedure is performed.

Browplasty Recovery Time:

Browplasty is usually an outpatient procedure performed with the help of local anesthesia. The swelling may last for at least two days after the procedure, but ice packs help manage the pain. The external wounds heal in approximately 10-14 days, but full recovery can take a few months. Prescription pain medications and ointments help patients stay comfortable.

Browplasty Cost:

Browplasty cost in India varies based on the method used and the extent of lift. Different surgeons charge their patients based on their experience and expertise.

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