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How to choose the best Nose Surgery Hospital in India

Rhinoplasty being the most challenging cosmetic procedure requires a high level of experience and expertise. Only by choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon and hospital, you can get satisfactory results. Unfortunately, finding a reliable rhinoplasty expert is difficult, as plenty of information sources are available that portray ambiguous reviews about surgeons and hospitals. In such times, you might think that the best way to choose your rhinoplasty surgeon would be through patient testimonials. Though patient testimonials are one of the ways to ensure credibility, you should also do the following before choosing a rhinoplasty surgery in India:

1. Ask Around for word-of-mouth endorsements

Start by building a list of expert surgeons around. Seek advice and recommendations from your family, friends, and other healthcare providers. A word-of-mouth endorsement from a trusted friend or family member is a reassuring indicator of a quality rhinoplasty surgeon.

If you don’t know anyone personally, ask around for a connection – any friends or acquaintances who may work in healthcare, like a nurse, or physician assistant can help you make a decision. In fact, other healthcare professionals know who the best surgeons are and are very open to making recommendations.

2. Research Qualifications and Expertise

Take time to research the surgeons’ qualifications and experience. It is important to find a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, or ear, nose, and throat surgery. A well-experienced surgeon will be better prepared to anticipate and prevent complications, and hence it is also essential to look for a surgeon who performs a rhinoplasty on a regular basis. Also, confirm that the surgeon has no history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions.

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3. Measure Hospital Performance

Rhinoplasty surgeons would need a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare specialists to support throughout the course of surgery. Therefore, it is very important to consider the overall quality of surgical care and commitment to patient safety and wellness at the hospital where the surgeon practices. You have a lower risk of enduring difficulty or medical failure at a hospital with a 5-star rating for patient safety compared to a hospital with a 1-star rating. If a particular hospital falls short in quality or patient safety, determine if the surgeon also operates at a different facility.

4. Talk to the Surgeon

As you narrow down your list of specialists, ring up each surgeon’s office, and ask for an appointment to meet and talk to the doctor. Ask yourself if you are comfortable talking with the surgeon, and find out if he/she respects your opinions, and answer your questions in a way you understand. Your doctor should be frank about issues such as recovery time, potential side effects, risks, and realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. Your doctor should openly discuss with you any issues that may affect your personal outcome. A good cosmetic surgeon will explain all alternatives to the procedure and will not force you into making a hurried decision. It is also a good time to clarify the costs of the procedure.

Here are some questions to ask the surgeon:

  • Does he typically treat patients like you?
  • How many nose surgeries has he performed?
  • What results does he expect? Check for outcomes data to better understand his skills and procedures. While “before and after” photos make a convincing statement, be sure to ask if the photos represent typical results.
  • How frequently does he encounter complications from the surgery?
  • What does he do to avoid complications or correct them if they occur?

5. Choose a surgeon whose aesthetic sense appeals to you

In the case of aesthetics, what one person finds beautiful may seem unattractive to another. And hence it’s not that simple to just trust a friend’s recommendation or solely depend on the cosmetic surgeon’s experience. You would have to examine discreetly the results for each surgeon you interview.

Below are a few tips that would help you make a decision:

  • Check the before and after photographs of his patients. Analyze each doctor’s results for the procedure you want; compare and find out which surgeon’s results appeal to you personally.
  • Pay the closest attention to patients who have similar qualities to you.
  • Look for patients who have a similar facial structure, are around your age, and have some of the same concerns that you have.
  • Watch for consistency in a surgeon’s results for all patients who’ve had the procedure you are considering. Find out if their results look like how you want to look after your surgery.



6. Determine Your Health Insurance Benefits

Analyzing your insurance coverage is also necessary before rhinoplasty to avoid financial burdens. Unfortunately, insurance plans don’t usually cover rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons, but they often pay for surgery to correct a medical condition, such as a deviated septum or a broken nose. To receive the most insurance benefits and pay the least out-of-pocket for your surgery, you should choose a surgeon who participates in your plan. But just because a surgeon participates in your insurance plan doesn’t mean he or she is highly qualified or is your right surgeon. You still need to consider the surgeon’s experience and expertise.

7. Customer service matters

You want to be sure you are being served and treated well. Much of this will be obvious a few minutes after you walk in the door of the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Finally, if you nod a yes to the following questions in addition to the above, you are there!

  • Are the surgeon and staff patient-friendly and helpful?
  • Do I get everything that fully prepares me for the risks and realities of surgery and recovery?
  • Are all fees clearly declared? Is payment expected up-front?
  • Does the practice reply promptly whenever you approach them?

Your choice of cosmetic surgeon will be a choice you live with for years, if not your entire life. A successful procedure will make you feel more like yourself and give you greater confidence for years to come. On the other hand, ending up in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon increases your chances of having poor results, which can lead to additional costs, time, and heartache.

So, if you feel uncomfortable, even if you can’t seem to pinpoint exactly why, don’t follow through with that hospital, that doctor or, perhaps, that procedure.

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