Orbital floor fracture surgery in Tamil Nadu

How to Treat Orbital Blowout Fracture

Severe injuries to the eye and its surrounding structure are caused due to assault, contact sports activities, and accidents. Blunt or sharp force on the eye can break the thin bones within the eye socket. This is also known as an orbital blowout fracture since the orbit can blowout when a high-impact blow hits the eye at high speed, thereby blowing the contents of the eye towards the orbital floor. In case of severe trauma, patients may need orbital blowout fracture surgery to repair the eye socket.

Orbital Blowout Fracture Treatment Procedure:

Lacerations, fractures, and hemorrhages of the eye must be carefully assessed to determine the correct treatment. Your doctor will physically examine the eye injury and suggest X-ray or CT scans for a better diagnosis. In cases of orbital fracture, you must consult an ophthalmologist to evaluate if you need an orbital blowout fracture surgery.

During surgery, the surgeon goes through the following procedures to help repair the damage to the orbital floor:

  • Explore the orbital fracture site and reposition the bone
  • Release of compromised tissue and nerves from the fracture site
  • Cover fracture site with synthetic material

How long does it take to recover from an orbital blowout fracture surgery?

Generally, the orbital floor takes 24 days to regain its strength after repair. Initially, you will experience mild pain post-surgery. The doctor prescribes pain relief medications to help you control the pain. Antibiotics are prescribed along with ointment to keep away eye infections. Your surgery stitches should dissolve on their own in a week. You must make a follow-up visit a week after the surgery and later after a month to check if the wound is healing. If the treatment recovery is as planned, the doctor may ask you to resume normal activities around 3-4 weeks after surgery.Orbital floor fracture surgery in India

What’s the cost of the orbital blowout fracture surgery?

India’s orbital blowout fracture surgery cost is significantly low compared to several other countries. In addition to the affordability factor, the medical care and services are of the best quality and at par with international hospital standards. Many patients travel to India since the overall package of this surgery is cost-effective, including travel, food, and accommodation expenses.

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