Underbite Lower Jaw Surgery

Everything You Must Know About Correcting Underbite With Lower Jaw Surgery

An underbite is a dental condition in which the patient’s lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth due to the jaw being misaligned. An underbite lower jaw surgery is one of the many treatments applicable for this condition.

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What Are The Causes of An Underbite?

An underbite reconstruction surgery helps correct a patient’s underbite. Here are a few reasons that cause an underbite in the first place.

Genetics is the most common and surprising reason for an underbite. This happens because genetics play a significant role in determining the size and shape of one’s jaws and teeth, which entails that if any of your family members have a misaligned jaw or overcrowded teeth, it increases the chances of you inheriting them as well. In such cases, preventing an underbite becomes almost impossible.

An uncommon cause of underbite could be a tumor. This is when a person has a tumor in their jawbone or mouth which can lead to an underbite, as it affects the alignment or growth of a person’s jaw. Underbites can also occur due to serious facial injuries, causing severe damage to a patient’s jaw. Although surgically repairing broken jawbones is possible, the teeth can’t always be aligned after the surgery. Therefore, the situation can cause an underbite.

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Underbite Correction Methods

Oral surgery for underbites isn’t the only correct method for this condition. The treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s underbite and age. Listed below are some of the possible correction methods for an underbite:


When an underbite is severe, orthognathic jaw surgery is the best way to align a patient’s lower and upper jaws and bring them back to their proper positions. Although the surgery is relatively risk-free, you must choose a medical facility with the best professionals and equipment.

Clear Aligners or Braces

Braces or clear aligners can be used by kids and adults who suffer from an underbite.

Upper Jaw Expander

An upper jaw expander is given to a patient when their upper jaw has a small width. It is fitted across the palate and works by slowly widening the individual’s jaw so that the upper and lower teeth match.

Tooth Extraction

If the case of an underbite is mild or moderate, tooth extraction can be a wise option to go for.

Reverse-Pull Headgear

A headgear of this kind is utilized for pulling forward one’s upper jaw and is best for patients below the age of 10.


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