Cheiloplasty Surgeon in India


A baby girl 3 months of age was operated for cheiloplasty cleft lip surgery seven years ago by Dr.Sunil Richardson. She came back after seven years for the treatment of a hole in her upper jaw for which surgery is planned for her. Her face looks very pleasing and there is no telltale sign of cleft lip. The parents of the patient are also extremely happy with the treatment that was provided and are very hopeful of the overall betterment of their daughter.

Cheiloplasty Surgery in India
cheiloplasty before and after

It is always a delight to see babies treated for cleft lip and palate at our center come back after years, leading a normal healthy life and doing well in their different spheres. No child needs to carry any stigmata of being born with a cleft lip and palate. With the correct treatment at the appropriate age, these children can be psychologically and physically indistinguishable from other children.

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