maxillary cyst Surgeon in India

Maxillary Cyst Surgery

Maxillary cyst surgery : A patient named Babin an 11 years old male boy came with a chief complain of a headache and pain on the right side of face for 3 months. Earlier they had consulted many of the consultants regarding this problem but did not get the satisfactory treatment. Then they consulted Richardson dental and craniofacial Hospital after clinical examination a CT scan was advised. Ct scan report was clearly suggestive of the growth of a cyst in the right maxillary sinus extending up to the ethmoid sinus. Usually, the pathologies in the maxillary sinus give the symptoms of heaviness or pain on the involved site.

Maxillary Cyst Surgery in India
Maxillary cyst before and after Surgery

The child was operated intra-orally via Caldwell-Luc approach and the pathology was removed. The pathology was too big in size and was penetrating up to ethmoid sinus. Chemical cauterization was used as an adjuvant therapy to burn or fix the remaining pathological tissues if remaining or left with the naked eye. The patient was fine in his post-op phase with very minimal swelling and was discharged comfortably on 3rd day.

The histopathological report revealed cyst of maxillary sinus as was provisionally diagnosed. These kinds of pathologies rarely reoccur. A patient is being relieved with his earlier complains of a headache and heaviness on the right side of the face and is satisfied.


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