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Mr. Incredible – FUE Hair-Transplant

FUE Hair-Transplant

The Incredibles has been one of my most favorite superhero movies. It is the story of how as superhero family is forced to live a normal & ordinary life & how the need to save the world makes them go back to being superheroes again! Mr. Incredible with his super physique and bulging biceps made him the mightiest strongest superhero ever. Mr. Incredible has been the role model for many children & The story of Incredibles is indeed incredible.  However, there is one thing that Mr. Incredible that makes him less of a superhero & more of a human! Have you noticed his hairline? Mr. Incredible suffers from a hair loss pattern that affects men around the world very commonly. It is called Male Pattern Baldness!  Male pattern baldness is a genetic hair loss pattern and runs in families. It has been claimed that over 50 % of males around the globe suffer from male pattern baldness to some extent. This disorder affects certain superheroes as well!. Fue hair transplant is the best solution for hair loss problem.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Nagercoil
Before and After Hair Transplant Treatment

One such patient reported to our hospital to seek treatment for his hair loss. He is in his early thirties and was accompanied by his father. We noticed that the father had severe balding but did not seek treatment. Rajan however, was very concerned with his hair loss & wanted to seek treatment as soon as possible. Rajan’s receding hairline was a straight forward indicator of Androgenic Alopecia. After the initial checkup was done, we decided that Rajan was an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery. The surgery is done in daycare basis & the patient is discharged from the hospital the same day itself. The procedure takes around 6-7 hours depending upon the severity of the case & the number of grafts required. It is a completely scarless technique as well as sutureless thus rendering it safe as well. The patient is fully conscious and aware of the procedure taking place. The procedure for Rajan was completed and he was discharged the same evening. The patients resume their routine duties the very next day without any problems.

Here at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital, we follow an FUE technique of hair transplant and it is a Scarless, Stitchless and Safe method. It has given us good results over the years as well as high patient satisfaction.


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