Otoplasty: Know About the Best Cosmetic Ear Surgery in India

For any of the mishappening in childhood or an accident to your ear, the doctors will cut the backside of your ear under cosmetic ear surgery in India.

The surgery is used to move your ear near to your face as per your wish. It is ultimately the ear correction surgery that deals with your ear’s shape, size, or position.

In the same article, you are going to see everything about cosmetic ear surgery in India. So, these words are going to be very interesting for you.

What Is Cosmetic Ear Surgery Called?

Otoplasty is the technical term used for cosmetic ear surgery. The surgery is all about a small operatic process to change your ear’s shape, size, or position.

When someone with protruding ear wishes to boost their appearance by moving their ear closest to their face, they need to undergo Otoplasty. The surgery is mainly done on kids at the age of 8 years and up. But recently, it has been seen evidently in adults too.

The surgeon removes the skin from the backside of your ear so that they can give you your desired ear (changed size or position). The process cannot be only the protruding ear, but the injury or a deformed due to an accident. The procedure in result makes your facial features balance.

Otoplasty is considered one of the best choices for those who feel to have oddly shared facial features.

Is Cosmetic Ear Surgery in India A Major Surgery?

Cosmetic ear surgery in India or Otoplasty is not a significant surgery. But, yes, it has the risk as any other major surgery such as infection, bleeding, an adverse reaction to anaesthesia, etc.

Some of the significant reactions include:


The scares are permanent, but they will be hidden behind your ear.

Changes in Skin Reaction:

Changes in skin sensation can result from repositioning the ear process at the operation site. It turned to be permanent rarely.

Asymmetry in Ear Placement:

As a result of the healing process, asymmetry in-ear placement can happen.

Allergic Reaction:

It can happen due to the surgical tape or other materials used at the time of the procedure or after.

Problems with Stitches:

If you feel inflammation in the affected skin, you may need additional surgery.


Due to the process, you may feel unnatural contours behind the backside of the ear.

Can You Get Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Well, Cosmetic ear surgery in India is not a challenging operation. And those who wish to alter the size of the ear can go with it.

It is a safe procedure. However, people are happy with the results. The most common cause of the surgery is, minimizing the distance between the ear and the head.

There are several hospitals for cosmetic ear correction in India that are available. That undergoes at a lower cosmetic ear surgery cost.

However, the cosmetic ear surgery cost in India is affordable. At the same time, the charge may vary depending on the hospitals in various cities.

Dr. Sunil Richardson is the best cosmetic ear surgeon in India, working at Richardson Hospital, you can visit him for the surgery.

Is Cosmetic Ear Surgery Painful?

Cosmetic ear surgery in India is not painful because the patients are set to general anaesthesia for the surgery. However, your ear will be bandaged after the process to reduce swelling and preserve healing. Also, you will be suggested not to sleep on the side of the operating procedure.

If you feel uncomfortable during or after the process, you will be provided with the medications. The bandage may last for two weeks. For kids, it is recommended to undergo surgery during the summertime. It will help them to recover comfortably.


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