Palatoplasty – Post-operative management

post op preparations Palatoplasty

palatoplasty surgery Nursing Responsibility:

  • Check vital signs after palatoplasty surgery
  • Administer oxygen
  • Observe for bleeding
  • Start feeding after 4-6 hours
  • Apply elbow/ arm restraint to avoid putting/sucking fingers or objects in mouth
  • Give psychological support to mother and family members to reduced fear and anxiety
  • Administer iv fluids, analgesic, and IV antibiotics as per order
  • Maintain intake and output chart to observe feeding intolerance
palatoplasty surgery in India
palatoplasty surgery in Richardson dental and craniofacial Hospital

Advice  or education:

Oral hygiene

  • Advice mother to give water after every feeds to remove food particles, prevent infection and maintain oral hygiene


  • Educate mother to give feeds by syringe, cup or dropper for 1 week
  • Spoon feed can be given but not introduce deeper or not touch the roof of mouth to avoid injury to palate.
  • Avoid using bottles, pacifiers/normal teats till 2-3 weeks
  • Avoid sucking and chewing, if the baby is taking solid diet only soft diet is allowed after 7th day of surgery

Discharge / bleeding:

  • Educate the mother to observe for any fever, any color changes, discharge or bleeding in suture area, immediately consult the doctor.

palatoplasty surgery Follow up:

  • Continue discharge medicines
  • Consult doctor after 1 week

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