Mahitha AMD

Prosthetic Rehabilitation Post Anterior Maxillary Distraction


K/C/O Unilateral Clap
• Primary Cheiloplasty, Palatoplasty, and sabg done in childhood.
• Has now reported a complaint of decayed teeth and a small upper jaw.

Pre operative facial views

No Intra-Oral AMD Photos

Intra Oral AMD Photos

maxillary advancement

Prosthetic Rehabilitation Post AMD

pre op smile

prosthetic considerations

prosthetic consideration

open bite

unit bridge


complex endodontics

crown preparation

intraoral scan images

intraoral scan image

cad images

final cementation

final crown cementation

post op smile

Pre-OP Vs Post-OP Comparison


pre post comparison

pre post op comparison

pre post op comparisons

pre post comparisons

Facial Photos

facial photos pre AMD

facial photos post amd

Mahitha AMD surgerypre post op smile

pre post smile

pre op post smile


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