Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India

Getting Your Nose Corrected in the Best Form: cleft lip nasal deformity surgery

Rhinoplasty, cleft lip nasal deformity repair may be performed to enhance breathing, change the look of the nose, or both. Patients’ nasal harmony and nose proportions are improved through rhinoplasty, also referred to as nose work or nose reshaping.

The breathing impeded due to structural abnormalities in the nose may also be corrected. When you want a more symmetrical nose, remember that to some extent the face of everyone is asymmetrical. Whilst the aim is to achieve the right face and proportional balance, results may not be totally consistent.

The top half of the nose consists of bone and the bottom of cartilage. Consult with your surgeon to discover whether cleft lip nasal deformity surgery is suitable for you.

Your doctor will assess your other face properties, the skin on your nose, and what you wish to modify while taking rhinoplasty treatment into consideration.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in India
Rhinoplasty Before and After of a Patient at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital Nagercoil Tamilnadu India

How do you prepare for cleft lip nasal deformity surgery?

You must consult with your surgeon before scheduling rhinoplasty, cleft nasal deformity treatment to discuss critical criteria that will determine if the procedure is likely to perform well for you.

Careful examination of the nasal anatomy in relation to the airflow and respiration is required for nose operations to repair a blocked airway.

Fixing a deviated septum which is one of the most prevalent reasons for breathing difficulty is done when the nasal structure is adjusted in order to improve alignment.

Your medical background

The most important inquiry of your doctor will be your reason and goals for the operation. You may not be a candidate for rhinoplasty, cleft lip nose deformity correction if you have a blood problem like haemophilia.

A physical examination

Your doctor will utilize the physical exam to assess what adjustments need to be made and how the result can be affected by your physical properties, such as the skin thickness of the cartilage at the nose. The physical assessment for cleft nasal deformity rhinoplasty is also important for determining how rhinoplasty will affect your breathing.


Your surgeon may use computer software to modify your pictures to show you what type of results can be imagined. These photos are utilized for pre-and after-assessments, referral during operations, and long-term follow-up by your doctor. The pictures allow us to discuss the goals of cleft lip nasal deformity surgery in detail. He/She will discuss what cleft lip nasal deformity surgery can and cannot do for you, as well as the potential outcomes.

Wrap up

Your surgeon may recommend that you get chin augmentation surgery if you have a tiny chin. This is because the look of a tiny chin is bigger. Chinese surgery is not required in some cases; however, it can assist balance the facial profile.

In the days following anaesthesia, you may encounter delays of memory, decreased reaction time, and poor judgment. So, you have a family member or friend who stays with you for a night or two to support you with personal care tasks when you go back from your operation.


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