Rhinoplasty surgery in India


Not every day would you come across a patient who desires perfection in his facial proportions. We had an eager young male who came to us with the complaint that his face looks too broad and he desired some softness to his face. Dr.Sunil Richardson examined him carefully and came to the conclusion that he would benefit the most from a rhinoplasty.

WHAT IS Rhinoplasty?

It’s a surgery to reshape the nose. It can make the nose larger or smaller; change the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip; alter the tip of the nose; or correct bumps, indentations, or other defects in the nose. These changes may be desired by an individual mainly for aesthetic reasons although it is also done to improve the function of the nose.


Rhinoplasty surgery in Nagercoil
A gladsome patient who had undergone treatment at Dr. Sunil Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital

What is even better is that the incisions are usually made inside the nose so that they are invisible after the surgery. For our patient Derik, Dr.Sunil Richardson performed the surgery under general anesthesia. It took about an hour. The nose was made narrower and the nasal hump was also reduced. Derik is ecstatic with his results and tells us how his friends are amazed and cannot comprehend how his look has changed so much without any tell-tale signs of surgery!

Rhinoplasty in India

One may be wondering what is the actual spending for Rhinoplasty in India. Rhinoplasty or nose shaping cost surely is one of the prime factors to consider. In most cases, one would opt for a comparatively low-cost rhinoplasty. However, it is highly recommended that one should not only consider cost but also quality as factors while preparing for a surgeon or surgery hospital for rhinoplasty in India. It points that if you risk your body for low-cost cost rhinoplasty without bothering about quality; you may need to pay another nose surgeon or nose surgery hospital to correct the earlier damage.

The main factor one should consider is your surgeon’s profile, duration and effort to perform the surgery. A surgeon must be an expert. Dr Sunil Richardson is an expert in Rhinoplasty surgeries. Our pricing is transparent and the results are life-changing. Please contact Dr. Sunil Richardson for more details.


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