Facial Feminization Surgery Risks

What Are the Risks Associated with Facial Feminization Surgery

A facial feminization surgery (FFS) helps change one’s facial features to appear less masculine and more feminine. It could either involve just one surgery or a series of surgeries, which can aid in reshaping a patient’s cartilage, bone, and the soft tissue on their face. Now, the questions you could ask yourself would be facial feminization surgery risk factors to be aware of, whom this surgery benefits, what the procedure is like, and so on.

Facial feminization surgeries are opted for by transgender women, cisgender women who hope for more feminine features, and those diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

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Risk Factors and Complications

Like any other type of major surgery, facial feminization surgery poses several risks. These include infection, damage to the nearby areas, bleeding, edema, hair loss, imbalanced facial features, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Facial Feminization Surgeries

Some other complications that patients are made aware of before the surgery are the possibility of a facial nerve injury, dissatisfaction with one’s appearance post-surgery, visible scarring, suture rupture along an incision line, fluid getting accumulated beneath the skin, and clotted blood getting swollen within your tissues.

What Happens After a Facial Feminization Surgery

After a facial feminization surgery, the patient will have gauze or bandages over their incisions for numerous days. Many patients are sent home with a surgical drain, a thin, plastic tube placed under the skin by the doctor. It aids in draining out blood and fluid to prevent swelling. You can use compression wraps around your forehead or jaw to deal with inflammation.

The non-absorbable stitches are usually taken out a week after a facial feminization surgery. The surgeon could also place absorbable stitches that don’t require removal. Once the doctor removes the sutures, your face will need weeks to heal until the final results are entirely evident. You can return to work and resume light activities after removing the stitches.


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