The Positive Impact of An Ear Reconstruction Surgery in India

Statistics say that ‘one in every 6000 children are born with ear defects at birth. Most of these defects do not impact the functionality of the ear but aesthetically look malformed. Therefore, all surgeries performed to treat and correct any kind of ear deformities is classified as ear reconstruction surgeries or otherwise called Otoplasty. This ear reconstruction surgery in India is performed to treat congenital disabilities like microtia, constricted ear deformities, protruding ears, and acquired ear anomalies.

Can An Ear Be Reconstructed?

Ear reconstruction surgery in India is done at leading hospitals like Richardson Hospital at nominal costs. Doctors from many years over have practiced it. With the advancement in medical technology, the process has become more simple. It brings under its scope the possibility to correct more complex deformities.


Ear reconstruction is done in three ways.

  1. Autogenous reconstruction using the patients’ rib cartilages in a surgery conducted two distinct stages over six months. Though complicated, autogenous surgery has a more promising long-term advantage as it uses the patients’ cartilage and minimal chances of rejection by the body.
  2. Alloplastic reconstruction, a single-stage surgery conducted at an early age without using the patients’ cartilages but using a skin graft. Again, aftercare is critical so as not to cause rejection or damage to the implant.
  3. Prosthetic reconstruction is a single-stage surgery where a titanium implant is used with a prosthetic cover. This procedure is a last resort used when every other method fails. It is a 100% artificial ear and is high maintenance.

How Long Does the Process of Ear Reconstruction Take?

Though the actual procedure of ear reconstruction in India is relatively short, taking about two to three hours to complete. The recovery is a slow process requiring intensive care. Patients are usually discharged within three days of surgery. Postoperative swelling and inflammation settle in a few weeks or may take up to three months to show full results or functionality.

ear reconstruction surgery in india

Side Effects of The Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Like any other major surgery, Otoplasty carries hazards, such as bleeding, infection, and an unfavorable reaction to anesthesia.

Other complications related to otoplasty are as follows:

  • Permanent Scarring but concealed behind the ears.
  • Asymmetry in-ear placement.
  • Changes in skin sensation.
  • Allergic reaction due to materials used in the process.
  • Stitches can cause inflammation to some and might need to be removed with the help of another procedure.
  • Overcorrectionwhich leads to alteration of the position of the natural ear.

Does Ear Reconstruction Surgery Affect Hearing?

Ear reconstruction surgeries can help in bringing a dramatic improvement in hearing abilities, especially for congenital malformations. The reconstruction reestablishes the auditory canal and also places artificial hearing implants to enhance hearing.

If you are looking at Otoplasty surgery for you or anyone in your family, visit Richardson Hospital, Nagercoil. You’re assured of 100% success and best care at the hands of Dr.Sunil Richardson, India’s leading plastic surgeon.

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