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An Insight into The Roadmap of Facial Transformation Journey

A 26-year-old male, Abdullah who had a known case of bilateral Cleft lip and Palate, already previously been operated elsewhere in the Middle East, visited Richardson’s hospital for facial transformative surgeries. He had this congenital challenge because of the condition of cleft lip and palate since birth. A complex condition that required intricate multiple medical and surgical interventions.

A Tale of Discontent

He had already undergone no less than 19 surgeries previously in Saudi Arabia to rectify his condition. These surgeries included Bilateral Cleft lip repair, Cleft palate repair, Secondary alveolar bone grafting at the cleft alveolus site, Orthognathic / Jaw surgery, and upper lip reconstruction.

He faced multiple functional as well as aesthetic issues which included Facial scars, Nasal asymmetry associated with a Cleft lip, nose deviation, Maxillary hypoplasia (underdeveloped maxilla -upper jaw), nasal regurgitation, and patchy moustache around the upper lip scars from previous surgeries.

Each previous attempt to correct his cleft lip and palate brought its own set of challenges. Facial scars told the story of battles fought, but not yet won. The bilateral cleft deformity and nose deviation added layers of complexity, contributing to nasal asymmetry and hindering proper function. The upper lip scar remained a constant reminder of past struggles.

nasal asymmetry correction

The Decision to Seek Dr. Sunil Richardson’s Expertise | A New Ray of Hope

Disheartened by the outcomes of his previous surgeries, and frustrated by the lack of satisfaction Abdullah’s search for a solution led him to Dr. Sunil Richardson’s hospital in India. The reputation of Dr. Richardson as a skilled plastic surgeon and his specialization in complex cases attracted Abdullah to travel across borders for a consultation. He traveled miles to Saudi Arabia to seek consultation with the new ray of hope.

In the initial consultation, Dr. Sunil Richardson meticulously assessed the case understanding the intricate web of challenges that had accumulated over multiple surgeries. He formulated a comprehensive treatment plan addressing his multiple medical issues that would not only rectify the existing problems but also pave the way for harmonious and aesthetically pleasing results.

The Comprehensive Treatment Plan

First Surgery | Anterior Maxillary Distraction

The journey towards facial transformation began with anterior maxillary distraction(AMD), a procedure designed to correct maxillary hypoplasia a key element contributing to facial imbalance. This surgery aimed to restore facial balance, laying the foundation for subsequent refinements.

Second Stage Surgery | Cleft Rhinoplasty with Lip Revision

Following the successful maxillary distraction, in the second stage of surgery, a specialized procedure Septo Rhinoplasty with rib grafting for cartilaginous support was performed to restore nasal symmetry and correct nose deviation, not only to improve aesthetic results but also to enhance nasal function and breathing. Also along with the Rhinoplasty, to address the upper lip scar we performed meticulous Lip Revision ensuring a natural and balanced lip contour. This surgery was done to camouflage the previous surgical lip scars.

septo rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty surgery cleft

It is evident by looking at the post-surgery photographs, how with the Cleft rhinoplasty surgery we have corrected the nose deformity corrections such as nose deviation, nostril size, and nasal tip, and given adequate nasal projection and symmetry.

rhinoplasty surgery result

cleft rhinoplasty lip revision

Third Surgery | Moustache Transplant

At the last, with a thoughtful addition to the treatment plan a Moustache transplant procedure was performed to address the patchy hair density region around the lip scar. This final touch entirely transformed his appearance.

He expressed his satisfaction and happiness with the outcome, emphasizing the positive changes the surgery had brought to his life. In the postoperative phase, the healing process proceeded smoothly, and the patient’s recovery was remarkable.

facial transformative surgeriesAbdullah’s journey through these facial transformative surgeries was not merely a physical one but also an emotional and psychological evolution. Today, Abdullah lives a life marked by excellence and a better version of himself. The surgeries didn’t just change Abdullah’s face but also they transformed his entire look and appearance. The once-dissatisfied patient is now more confident and grateful for the choices he made that led him to Dr. Richardson’s hospital.



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