Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Tamil Nadu

Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Third Molar Dis Impaction/Minor Oral Surgery

It might be unknown to many of you, but not every individual possesses wisdom teeth. Some might have all four wisdom teeth, but some might not have even one. Wisdom teeth are usually known to be the last teeth to appear in the mouth of an individual which could result in overcrowding or it growing at an angle instead of parallel direction to that of the adjacent teeth. This could lead to pain and discomfort, and a struggle while maintaining oral hygiene. So, wisdom tooth removal surgery in India is carried out to treat this very problem.


wisdom teeth removal in kanyakumari


What Is the Procedure of Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery in India?

A minor oral surgery, Wisdom tooth extraction surgery is performed by a Dental or Oral Surgeon and could take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

The procedure begins by injecting anaesthesia to the patients to numb the area around the part where the surgery will be. After waiting for a couple of minutes to ensure that the patient’s mouth is completely numb and they cannot feel anything, an incision is given around the target tooth, and the surgeon begins to extract the wisdom tooth.

Depending on the complexity of the case, the surgeon then needs to perform the surgery. If the tooth comes out of the socket in one go, it’s a quick process but if some part of the tooth is still stuck in the socket, then the surgeon might cut a part of your dental bone to get to it before wrapping it all up.

The bleeding is then stopped by putting a gauge around it and recommending medications to the patients. This concludes the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

What Are the Effects of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery?

During the surgery, the patient does not experience more than just a little discomfort as they are still under the effects of anaesthesia, but after the surgery and a couple of hours later when anaesthesia wears off, the patient will experience pain, discomfort while eating, trouble while sleeping and resistance while opening the mouth among other things.

The recovery time on average takes 3-6 days but it could also take up to 2 weeks if the surgery had been complex. The effects could be reduced and improved if the patient follows their surgeon’s advice and takes all the medication on time. After a week or ten days, the patient can get their stitches removed which again will be completely painless.

What Is the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery in India?

Since this surgery is quite minor, the average cost of wisdom tooth removal surgery in India is anywhere between INR 2000 to INR 10,000. The cost is quite low compared to other forms of dental surgeries.

Not every individual might need Wisdom tooth removal surgery, but it’s generally recommended to avoid any problems in the future like decaying of neighbouring teeth, inflammation, pericoronitis, cyst formation, and severe infection. Wisdom teeth usually develop at the age of 17 to 25 years, so the sooner you get the surgery; the better it will be for you.

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