Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Third Molar Dis Impaction/Minor Oral Surgery

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Tamil Nadu

What were the patient’s complaints?

This patient had pain and swelling on the posterior aspect of the lower jaw for a week now. He had earlier episodes of pain and difficulty in opening the mouth as well. Discomfort has been on and off for several years now. He was recommended wisdom tooth removal surgery.


wisdom teeth removal in kanyakumari

Why did he delay treatment?

He had visited a dentist earlier and was advised surgery but was scared of the complications and didn’t proceed.
After consulting the experienced Dr. Sunil Richardson and his team, he was confident and motivated to go the minor oral surgery.

What was done in wisdom tooth removal surgery?

Under local anesthesia with lignocaine, the Mandibular nerve was blocked along with the Buccal nerve. Then, an incision was made and the tooth exposed. Thereafter bone was removed by guttering technique and the tooth gently elevated out. Finally, sutures were placed and hemostasis was achieved.

The whole procedure took less than 30 minutes.

One day leave is advised for this patient. A couple of days off work or school is not a bad idea. Total healing may take a couple of weeks.


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