Facial Fracture Treatment in India

3 Important Things to Know About NOE Complex Fractures

Nasoorbitoethmoid complex refers to the set of nasal, orbital, and ethmoid bones in the face and is commonly referred to as NOE. NOE complex fracture surgery happens due to high-impact trauma from road accidents, contact sports, and falls, leading to depression of the nasal bones into the orbital and ethmoid bones.

NOE fractures are complex facial fractures that occur due to high-impact trauma to the nasal region. The impact causes depression of the nasal bones into the orbital and ethmoid bones and may involve damage to nerves, bones, blood supply, and the surrounding facial structures. Generally, the force and point of impact determine the extent of NOE injuries and the extent of the NOE complex fracture surgery.

What treatment is advisable for NOE complex fracture?

An NOE fracture needs immediate treatment to avoid long-term effects like blindness, nasal deformity, sinusitis, etc. Due to the multiple facial bones, tissues, and structures involved, an NOE complex fracture treatment procedure is exceptionally challenging. The doctor’s diagnosis is based on your physical examination and the reports of your facial X-rays and CT scans. The surgeon must consider the cosmetic perspective, location, and severity of the impact and damage before the surgical reconstruction procedures.Cosmetic Nasal Surgery treatment

What is the recovery time for NOE complex fracture surgery?

This surgery protects the nasal, orbital, and ethmoid bones and surrounding contents. It is also crucial for the surgeon to prevent future complications such as blindness and restore the aesthetical appearance of the face. Hence, it would be best if you had intensive care treatment and months of recovery to achieve all these surgical corrections. Your surgeon should offer the best treatment and enough time for this fracture treatment recovery to avoid secondary deformities that might be impossible to correct later.

How expensive is NOE complex fracture surgery in India?

This surgery costs differ depending on the availability of medical facilities in the town. In India, especially in Tier III cities like Nagercoil, surgery costs are significantly less compared to developed countries like the US or UK. Visit Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital to learn about cost-efficient treatments for NOE complex fractures.

You must choose a reputable surgeon with plenty of experience in NOE complex fracture surgery. Sunil Richardson is a well-known surgeon who promises prompt and effective treatment for all craniofacial conditions. Visit us to learn more about the treatment cost, procedure, and recovery time.


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