Facial Feminization Surgery India

What Happens After a Facial Feminization Surgery

A facial feminization surgery (FFS) helps enhance a person’s facial features to appear less masculine and more feminine. It is usually done by transgender and cisgender women who hope for more feminine features and those diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The procedure can either involve just one surgery or a series of surgeries, which can aid in reshaping a patient’s cartilage, bone, and soft tissue on their face. One might wonder what happens after a facial feminization surgery and what happens during recovery.

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What to Expect After a Facial Feminization Surgery

Different people experience different time frames for recovery after facial feminization surgery. It depends on a patient’s health and the kind of self-care they indulge in. Although the procedure is mostly safe, you must call your doctor immediately if you experience severe pain, develop a fever, or witness other signs of infection.

Facial Feminization Treatment

Swelling and bruising are common after this surgery. Bruises, especially black eyes, could take up to six weeks to clear up. Feeling pain and discomfort is not unusual after this surgery, and it usually subsides in about a week, letting the patient go about their daily activities. Make sure to note the doctor’s instructions regarding going back to work, exercising, and what not to do. You could be asked to refrain from strenuous exercise for a while.

Do not try to remove the tapes, drains, splints, or compression dressings that are applied after your surgery. These are for the surgeon to remove, after which they will evaluate the surgical area during your first clinical appointment post-surgery.

Doctors usually ask patients to avoid showers after an FFS, and sponge baths are recommended instead. Continue with those till your doctor gives you the green signal to return to baths after your first appointment. Use a soap that has no fragrance, and ensure not to spray water directly on the surgical area.


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