Mucous retention cysts or Mucocoele are non-cancerous fluid filled or saliva filled cysts most commonly occurring in the lower lip. Dr. Sunil Richardson is an expert in mucocele removal surgery.

How is Mucocoele treated?

It’s treated by excision under local anesthesia. It’s a very simple procedure that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes in most instances. However, it must be done precisely to make the entire cyst is removed in toto. If part of the minor salivary gland is left behind, it might cause a recurrence. Other important things to bear in mind is the cosmesis. So while excising and removing the entire cyst, it must be kept in mind to not alter the aesthetics of the lip for the worse.


How long is the downtime for mucocele removal surgery?

There is virtually no downtime but to take that day off would be a good idea.

Would the scar be visible?

If an experienced plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon performs these procedures, that is very unlikely to happen.


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