Why transplanted hairs are for life

“Why transplanted hairs are for life?”

Hair transplant surgery is a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure, which can answer all your woes of thinning and receding hair. One often gets a realistic natural look, but there is always one question:  ‘will my hair transplant be the permanent answer?’

Hair Transplant Treatment in India

What happens in the hair transplant technique?

The hair follicles are extracted using two methods – FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).The FUE procedure restores hair by transplanting hair follicles from donor area (area mostly at the back of the head) to the bald area (recipient area).This method doesn’t involve any cuts or stiches and is a day care surgery. It is one of the most successful techniques being practiced. Your own hair follicles are being used as a graft.The hair grafts are inserted into the scalp at a precise angle and density to ensure they resemble a natural and realistic hair pattern.

Now, is the result permanent?

Yes. It’s the most natural permanent solution of all the treatments available.

Why is it long lasting?

A lot depends on the amount of donor hair follicles present, the health of the scalp and the follow up period. This is nothing artificial.  More the donor follicles present, better is the coverage. The roots of the hair at the donor site are not affected by hormonal influences and the same roots are placed at the deficient site.Thus the transplanted hair grows naturally. Well motivated patients with good overall health get ideal results. It takes about 4-8 months for the hair to completely grow.The newly transplanted hair continues to grow just as in the donor area, and this growth will be permanent.

Some patients may experience minor hair loss after a few weeks of the transplant, which can be expected but it grows back in 3-6 months, looking robust and healthy.


What can I do to make the hair transplant procedure effective?

The result of hair transplant surgery depends on the post – surgery care which the patient takes, than the technique itself. Strict adherence to the instructions given by the surgeon, maintaining scalp hygiene along with the regular usage of the accessory medications given for hair growth is guaranteed to give the best result you are hoping for.

At Richardson’s dental and craniofacial hospital, hair transplant surgery is performed considering both the patient’s expectations and the nature of baldness to give the most realistic permanent treatment for all hair woes!


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