Why would you want to choose Dr Sunil Richardson?

why choose dr sunil richardson

Why would you want to choose Dr. Sunil Richardson? Dr. Sunil Richardson and his expert team at RICHARDSON’s dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India have vast experience in treating patients with cleft lip and palate. in the last decade and a half, they have treated more than 10,000 patients who are born with various craniofacial anomalies on the face with a vast experience expert ties and state of the art treatment you would get the best possible treatment for your kid here.
Cleft Lip Correction in Nagercoil

How many days do we need to stay with our baby at the craniofacial hospital?

Two days is the mean stay time at Richardsons Craniofacial Hospital after cleft lip repair and three days is the mean stay time after cleft palate repair.

When can my baby resume on breastfeeding?

Dr. Richardson allows the child to be breastfed immediately after completing the surgery. It’s usually after an hour or so after the surgery.

Will the sutures need to be removed after cleft lip surgery?

Dr. Richardson uses a type of very fine stitch that doesn’t get infected if wetted with water. It in fact gets dissolved slowly and doesn’t need to be removed. In some cases, cyanoacrylate glue is also used and then it might need to be washed off on day 6.

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