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4 Things You Must Know About Lip Hemangioma Treatment in India

Social media has glorified vanity, thereby pressuring people to look better than they are. In reality, not everyone has beautiful and clear skin – we all have scars and blemishes that we could do without. Lip Hemangioma is one such concern that resembles a birthmark but is a benign tumor. Some people prefer to remove a lip hemangioma, especially if it increases in size or looks unaesthetic. Read on if you are planning to undertake lip hemangioma treatment in India.

Lip Hemangioma Treatment Process

Hemangiomas are usually identified by physical examination, but if the diagnosis is unclear or the hemangioma develops in internal organs, the doctor may suggest an ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan.

A common vascular birthmark or hemangioma undergoes several growth phases and usually doesn’t need medical intervention as it fades away on its own. Lip hemangioma treatment is generally done for cosmetic reasons, although some may do it if it interferes with eating or talking. Treatment depends on the size, behavior, and location of the hemangioma. Usually, topical or oral medications lighten the hemangioma and slow down growth. A laser also helps reduce redness and enhance the appearance of the skin. Surgery is considered only when all other treatment options fail and to remove the markings leftover from hemangiomas.

Nazim Lip Hemangioma Surgery

How Much Does Lip Hemangioma Surgery Cost in India?

Lip hemangioma is not a serious problem and can be treated with medicated gels or oral medicines. But lip hemangioma surgery costs in India can range anywhere from INR 15,000 to INR 50,000, depending upon the complexity of the surgery and the number of sessions required.

Best Lip Hemangioma Surgery Hospital in India

Visit us if you are looking for lip hemangioma treatment in India. We have been offering a wide range of facial cosmetic treatments to patients from across the world. Our expert post-operative team ensures the best care and speedy recovery. They work under the expert guidance of Dr. Sunil Richardson, one of the best lip hemangioma surgeons in India.

Best Lip Hemangioma Surgeon in India

Dr. Sunil Richardson is a licensed and board-certified surgeon and a member of Glasgow’s Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has performed thousands of surgeries and facial cosmetic procedures in India and abroad.

Lips are an integral part of our body; if your hemangioma is starting to affect how you talk, eat, or communicate, call us to schedule an initial consultation. The way you want to, then maybe it’s worth considering getting a check-up.

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