Cavernous Hemangioma of the lip after surgery

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Oral Hemangioma Surgery in India

Benign tumors that develop because of endothelial cell proliferation in and around the oral cavity are called oral hemangiomas. Most oral hemangiomas do not require treatment as they involute over time without medical intervention. Read on if you plan to undergo Oral Hemangioma Surgery in India and need to know all about the procedure.

Oral Hemangioma Treatment Procedure

The surgery is performed when these tumors persist well into adulthood and interfere with your speech or block the airway. As opposed to hemangiomas that appear in the head and neck region, oral hemangiomas are relatively rare. Clinically, hemangiomas can be classified into – infantile hemangioma and congenital hemangioma.

Congenital hemangiomas are present at birth and are treated differently than infantile hemangiomas. Infantile hemangiomas develop during the first two months. They appear red and bumpy and are often known as strawberry hemangiomas.

How is Oral Hemangioma Treatment Procedure Carried Out?

Rapid advancements have made it easy to manage oral hemangiomas. Still, there is no standardized treatment as every case is different, and treatment would depend on the patient and their concerns. There are two oral hemangioma treatment procedures: medical treatment, which is less invasive, and surgical treatment. Only 10-20% of tumors require surgical intervention because of their size, location, or behavior.

before and after hemangioma treatment in india

Physicians usually prescribe beta-blocker drugs and corticosteroid medications to treat oral hemangiomas. The surgeon may suggest surgical resection for smaller lesions located on the lips and buccal mucosa. In severe cases, the surgeon would perform oral hemangioma surgery by making an incision at the site and cutting the tumor out.

How Much Does Oral Hemangioma Treatment Cost in India?

Oral hemangiomas are typically not a serious concern as they subside on their own and seldom require medical intervention. For minor treatments where the hemangiomas can be removed with the help of beta-blockers, the cost is generally significantly less. The treatment costs more when surgery is involved considering post-operative care and surgery costs. Oral hemangioma treatment costs in India can range anywhere from INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 and more.

Which is the Best Hospital For Oral Hemangioma Treatment in India?

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