Hemangiomas treatment in India

4 Things You Must Know About Facial Infantile Hemangioma Treatment in India

Infantile hemangioma is a birthmark that consists of a dense and tangled group of blood vessels that grows in or under an infant’s skin. There are two types of Hemangiomas found in babies:

Congenital Hemangiomas

These hemangiomas are visible at birth but are not as common and are treated differently than infantile hemangiomas.

Infantile Hemangiomas

These hemangiomas may take a few days or weeks after the baby’s birth to be visible. They grow differently and are more common than congenital hemangiomas.

Infantile Hemangiomas are further divided into two main types:

Superficial Hemangiomas

Also known as ‘strawberry hemangiomas’ for their bumpy red appearance, these hemangiomas grow on the skin’s surface.

Deep Hemangiomas

These hemangiomas grow under the skin, often making it bulge with a blue or purple tint.

What is Facial Hemangioma Surgery for Infantile?

Most facial infantile hemangioma cases do not require medical or surgical intervention and subside independently. But if medical care is needed, it’s based on the location of the hemangioma and the extent to which it could cause problems. Even then, the treatment is limited to oral, topical, and intralesional medications.

Topical beta-blockers such as Timolol or an oral solution of propranolol are often advised for small and superficial hemangiomas. If beta-blockers fail, the doctor might prescribe oral corticosteroids. But only in extreme cases where the lesion could damage surrounding healthy tissues the doctor might recommend surgery to remove the hemangioma by making an incision in the skin and cutting the tumor out.

Before and After Hemangioma Surgery in India

What Causes Facial Hemangioma in Babies?

Facial infantile hemangiomas are quite common in premature babies and children with low birth weight or are part of multiple births, i.e., twins, triplets, etc. While it’s unlikely to be genetic, there are instances where facial hemangioma may run in families.

How Much Does Hemangioma Baby Treatment Cost in India?

Since surgery is often part of the facial infantile hemangioma treatment in India, the cost is affordable and would vary depending on the medications prescribed. In case of surgery or severe complications, the cost would differ depending on the hospital and the surgeon’s experience. But, in general, hemangioma baby treatment costs in India could be anywhere from INR 1,000 to INR 50,000 or more.

Which Is the Best Hospital for Facial Hemangioma Treatment in India?

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