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Everything You Must Know About Botox Treatment

Botox has been traditionally famous in the West but has been subject to much stigma in India until recently. Thankfully, people are now opening up to aesthetic treatments like Botox and fillers. If you plan to take Botox treatment but don’t know much, this blog is for you.

What Is Botox Treatment?

Botox is one of the most popular brands for botulinum toxin injections. Botulinum is a neurotoxin that affects the nerves and causes the muscles to weaken. But it helps reduce wrinkles and smoothen fine lines when injected in small doses.

Botox drug is made from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. It naturally occurs in the soil and contaminated foods. In large doses, the bacteria causes botulism, a life-threatening illness that affects the body’s nervous system.

What Are the Conditions That the Treatment Can Help Resolve?

The treatment can help treat various medical problems like neck and muscle spasms caused by cerebral palsy, lazy eye, hyperhidrosis, migraine, urinary continence, etc. It is also effective in pain management and is used to treat back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, jaw pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, joint pain, and IMJ pain.

Botox for Cosmetic Conditions

The treatment helps address signs of ageing in the eyebrows, forehead, nose, eyes, lips, chin, jawline, and neck area.

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What Are the Risks Associated with The Treatment?

While the treatment is safe, it must be performed in a reputable Botox treatment hospital in India. If misapplied, it could cause swelling, headache, droopy eyelids, dry eyes, and infection. Left untreated, it could cause muscle weakness, vision problems, and even breathing problems.

What Happens During Botox Treatment Procedure?

Botox is an in-office procedure where the physician uses a thin needle to inject tiny doses of Botox into the skin and muscles. There are two types of Botox infections: Type A to treat facial wrinkles and Type B to treat neck spasms.

Botox Treatment Before and After

While this is a painless procedure, the physician may apply ice on the area for patients who want the skin numbed before treatment. After the procedure, the physician may suggest not touching the area for 24 hours. You will also be asked to avoid lying down for 2 to 4 hours after the treatment to prevent the Botox from spreading to other areas.

Botox Treatment Cost in India

Botox treatment cost in India varies depending on the hospital’s geographical location, the area where Botox is applied, and the number of Botox injections needed.

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