Designer Mustache

Designer Mustache – to camouflage scars

What are the various reasons for LOSS OF HAIR from Mustache?

Mustache forms a significant feature to men in their facial features. When the hair in this region is not in alignment, or if there is irregular shaping or loss of hair due to an accident,  people are able to notice it immediately.

Apart from trauma and their associated scars, people affected by genetic conditions, illnesses or hormonal changes can also have very little growth in their mustache.

Conditions such as cleft lip, accidents or illnesses such as cancer could also lead to the mustache being thin and not having the desired density.

Can we restore the lost hair in the mustache area?

With facial hair transplantation procedure for the mustache, not only can lost hair be replaced, the density can be increased as can be the length and width.

What are the various types of hair transplantation procedures that can be done?

A facial hair transplant is generally a minimally invasive procedure. There are two types of hair transplantation procedures known as FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT(follicular unit transplantation).

How exactly is the procedure done?

Hair will be removed from the side or the back of the head, via FUE techniques and healthy hair follicles will be extracted. The area that needs to receive these hair follicles will be demarcated well in advance, and the surgeon will place the grafts in the same.

Is the procedure painful?

Local anesthesia is administered in both donor and recipient area prior to the procedure. Patients may experience only a very minimal amount of pain postoperatively which is well controlled by analgesics.

Moustache-hair-transplantation – 5 days after the procedure was done on this patient. You can still see the pink color of the lip in the area where the new hair follicles are growing.

Which technique among the various options available is ideal for mustache hair transplantation?

With an FUE procedure, there will be no scar, which is why it is the most chosen for facial hair transplant. The procedure is also quite similar to an FUE that would be done on the head.

A team of skilled facial plastic surgeons, dermatologists, trichologists and nurses can achieve very pleasing results in hair transplantation procedures. All types of hair transplantation procedures are done at Richardson’s dental & craniofacial hospital, Nagercoil by Hair Team in which Dr. Sunil Richardson is also a member.


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